walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Moonlight & Mechanicals_, Cindy Spencer Pape, Gaslight Chronicles, SPOILERS

I am really not kidding about those SPOILERS so you should RUN AWAY NOW BECAUSE

are we safe down here?

Steampunk cybermen and

Steampunk cyber DOGS are gonna getcha!

I suspect, but am not entirely certain, that this would be a really confusing standalone novel so maybe you should read the earlier part or parts of the series first. Your call. If all you want is Victorian Steampunk Cyber Dogs, well, they are here For You.

As always, there is a romance and there is a Problem To Solve that the nascent dyad and others are attempting to solve. You can either view this as a mystery with romantic interruptions or a romance with mysterious interruptions or accept the two as a way of showing that human relationships are really there to enable us to collaboratively get through life a little more successfully.

The romance, in this case, is a non-triad. Connor loves Winifred. Winifred loves Liam. Liam is convinced he is Not Safe to Be Around and is thus trying to foist Winifred off on Connor. Speak For Yourself, John or shades of Cyrano or however you want to think about it ensue. Obvs, duh, Liam and Wink are gonna get together and Wink will be the instigator.

The mystery, in this case, is two-fold and unsurprisingly, both halves are closely related. A bunch of younger sons are agitating against primogeniture. And there are people and dogs disappearing from Wapping along with sightings of Cybermen (and Cyberdogs!). There is believed to be a threat against the Royals to occur on race day (true!) and that's pretty much where the plan comes together and then promptly falls apart.

We get some additional backstory on Winifred and the rest of her adoptive sibs time in Wapping. A lot of this feels weirdly like Chronicles of Elantra, and, to add to the confusion, I read _Unraveled_, either before or after and THAT felt like Chronicles of Elantra so I assume that the originator of this particular slum-with-mysterious-overlord thing dates back to some Dickens I haven't read and should have or something similar.

Look, this is not great literature. And it has some real problems as alternate tech. But seriously: vampyres, werewolves, Sidhe, cybermen (cyberdogs!), mechanical dogs, etc. If this is the kind of thing that you like, have at! And if you just think this is ridiculous, well, duh. It's just a particularly lovable form of ridiculous.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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