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Back in the Swing of Things?

We've been back a couple weeks now, and I'm finally settling back into the routine. I've been cycling the last two Sundays, and once midweek. I also nagged at my poor husband until he agreed to go after dark on Saturday night last weekend. He had the bright idea to stop at the ice cream stand in the burbs of Pepperell (this sort of makes sense), where he had yogurt, and I had an alcohol-free lime rickey. Well, alcohol free as made at the stand. I'd brought a flask. We toddled back home. We only did the stretch from the Dunstable end to Pepperell, but let me tell you, a drink or two makes 3 miles in the dark just that wee bit more adventurous, particularly since my cycling headlamp is still in Seattle, so I only had the hiking headlamp which just isn't that bright.

It started raining, so I've been to the gym the last couple days. It's been hard catching up on sleep, eating reasonably and getting back into a stable mood. I'm still not all there, but hopefully soon. I've been rereading a lot of genre fiction, and some new stuff. I'd love to go hiking, but it just hasn't worked out yet. Soon. . .

Big ole congratulations to Jina on her thesis!

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