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Administrivia: returned from WDW, upcoming book reviews, trip reports, etc.

We're baaaaccck! We had a good time. Trip reports will ensue, but here are some highlights.

(1) Turns out security doesn't actually notice a 2ish inch lockback buried in a purse consistently, if you have been foolish enough to leave one there. I would have been horribly embarrassed and thrown it away on the spot if it had been noticed, but in the event, I didn't realize what had happened until much later, so I don't have to replace it. Yay.

(2) JetBlue's Fly-Fi is awesome.

(3) WDW has implemented the We Know Who You Are Don't Bother to Stop to Buy a Ride Photo feature. I haven't checked yet to see if all the ride photos really are connected. I will expand upon this later. They do not yet appear to have implemented a Find My Kid Feature, yet, at least not based on what happened when A. and I went different directions in a shop at Hollywood Studios. I'd love to have a Find My Kid feature.

(4) Seven Dwarfs is definitely not worth the current long waits but it is probably the single best Kiddie Coaster I have ever been on.

(5) The Domaine at Citrico's is amazing. (Got it by accident, so didn't have to meet the minimum ticket. We were only about $100 short, tho, so another bottle of wine would have done it.)

(6) The stepsisters and step mum of Cinderella were hilarious at Park Fare and visible more generally in the park. I Approve.

(7) Grand Floridian Villas are very comfy.

(8) I'm reading Liaden universe books; spoiler-ridden reviews to follow, along with Milan's _Unraveled_ and Cindy Spencer Pape's _Moonlight & Mechanicals_.

And we all have colds or really bad allergies or both. Ah, well.
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