walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Photographs & Phantoms_, Cindy Spencer Pape

Short! Very short. Not sure it qualifies as a novella. SPOILERS Run Run Run Run Are you gone? Okay fine.

Kendall Lake is sent by dad to go investigate Amelia "Amy" Deland's weird problem in her photography studio: a scary serpent appears in some photos and then the person it is touching dies. Setting is a steampunky Victorian England, in this case, Brighton. Deland's grandma moved to England, so Amy doesn't know her English relatives (knows of, hasn't met) until she has to reach out to them for help with the paranormal problem.

Caro, Nell and the crowd of young'uns shows up to help figure it all out. Caro and (off-stage) Merrick now have a bio babe of their own.

Because it is short, the sexoring starts almost immediately and Amy and Kendall display all the direct ownership of their physical and other attraction to each other that I could possibly want. Amy, while inexperienced, has been Paying Attention to Girl Talk and is aware of non-intercourse sexual possibilities. If you like your sex between adults who can actually ask for what they want and come up with some ground rules and then stick to them, so far Cindy Spencer Pape is looking like the author for you (by which, obvs, I mean me).

Plus, mechanical animals! Urchins who have been civilized! A renovated boarding house in Brighton!

Don't read these for historical accuracy. Seriously. Just ... don't. Also, I don't understand how anyone can tuck a leather duster into a valise (what, was it completely empty before?), but I decided that the valise was ACTUALLY either a Tardis (did you see the whole Addams family finger walking thing? So cool!) or a Bag of Holding. And I'm not interested in alternative explanations.

Do you even have to ask if I will read more? Again, not today. Not with Ilona Andrews and Mike Shepherd offerings just sitting there, waiting for me. . .
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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