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Today's Activities Include: furniture shuffle, tennis, horse

Sunday is almost always therapeutic riding and baths for the kids. I subscribe to a theory that if you've been on horses and/or at stables, a bath or shower is probably a good idea before you go to bed. Old fashioned, probably defeating a large part of the benefit of exposing the kiddos to germs, but hey. I have my hangups.

Sunday was, for a month or so in August and September, a day to go to church. T. is tentatively talking about maybe doing that again in mid-November. We shall see.

But lately, and I don't know what started this, the kids have been nagging for tennis. Like, actual go over to the tennis courts tennis. I felt guilty delaying further when T. and I were just hanging out, so I walked through the basement thinking I might spot a racket, failed, and off we went to K-mart, which sold us a couple of Wilson's (when did they get so _light_?) and, inevitably, a Hello Kitty racket for A. along with a tube of 3 balls for T. and whichever adult is accompanying him, and a bag of 3 _pink_ balls for A. Because, pink.

We didn't bother to go home again, because the school campus across the street from the back exit from K-mart has tennis courts. Which, it being fall, are typically available. Also, it may have been sprinkling. The other family there was _really really good_. Well, the mom and dad were; the kids were collecting balls. They clearly are better at this family thing than I am.

T. and I attempted to get the ball over the net and were occasionally successful. We never did sustain a volley, but, you know? It doesn't matter. He got tired after a while (he is starting to get a cold -- this became obvious later in the day or I wouldn't have gone along with the tennis thing) and we went to Subway, then got the helmet and boots and stuff and went to the horse.

Once we were all back at the house, R. and I finally did the massive furniture shuffle we've been discussing on and off for months. T.'s single bed (he had a separated bunk bed set) went to A.'s room. A.'s queen size bed went to the third floor. The futon on the third floor went into its couch form. Getting the queen size foam mattress up to the third floor was a bit of a trick. R. is tired. The kids seem happy, altho we took a mirror off the wall in T.'s room to reposition the remaining double bed, and he's annoyed that we didn't immediately re-hang it (need to find a stud, don't feel like doing it now).

Since I knew this was going to happen, I impulse bought A. some minion and frozen sheet sets while I was at K-mart. Because I was walking past them.
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