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Dark Sky, My Subsconscious is better at planning than my conscious, Kindle FreeTime

I skipped this morning's walk in the woods, because it was still coming down in light buckets, plus, mud. It was probably canceled anyway. I ran a couple errands and then, because it had stopped raining and Dark Sky seemed convinced that it wasn't going to rain for at least an hour, I went for a long walk around town. I figured I could duck into a shop or something if Dark Sky was wrong. Dark Sky was Not Wrong. I'm really liking Dark Sky. It is the weather app I have always wanted, and if some app developer somewhere is stalking me through the fact that Dark Sky really uses location services a lot, well, that's what the martial arts training was for, amirite?

Post-walk, I was sitting thinking, I wonder where I put the Magic Bands? After doing some looking around, I realized I had not actually received them. I then realized, hey I never included tracking the Magic Bands in the planning process. Oops. Oh well. MyDisneyExperience provided a tracking number, and USPS gave me a date in the near future. I don't know why I bother with the conscious to-do list, calendar, etc. My subconscious is better at this stuff anyway. It just really sucks when queried by other people about stuff not in the near future. Also, my subconscious is probably a little better at saying no to stuff I don't want to do by just going, hey, let's just not do that. It's not going to be fun, and the repercussions aren't at all severe. Which is Rude.

For reasons known only to her, A. decided she wanted a Kindle Fire, so she got the kid version with a year or whatever subscription to FreeTime. Which as near as I can tell amounts to, you'll never have to buy an app again and the kid has endless variety. Weirdly awesome. Did not expect it to be any good, so this was kind of a surprise. T. of course wants whatever A. has (or anyone else around him, for that matter -- things on shelves at the store are boring, but when someone he knows has something, he wants it too), so his is sitting in a box right now. He's enough older (9) that I don't know whether FreeTime will be interesting to him or not.
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