walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

"I'm too full"

So, A. had a grilled cheese sandwich, 3/4s of it, along with a clementine (small orange for anyone who is unfamiliar). She then declared herself too full to finish the sandwich. No worries.

Then B. took A. and T. bowling and Julie's Place, where apparently A. demolished a second lunch (within about an hour of being "too full"). A. failed to finish her hoodsie cup (small paper cup of ice cream with a lid, half chocolate, half vanilla, very characteristically New England. You can buy them by the bag in the store and if a kids' meal at an Old Skool restaurant includes "dessert" it is probably one of these) and brought it home, because she was "too full".

About an hour and a half later, she is demolishing a full sized Snickers bar.

I just pulled all the size 6s out of her closet and chest of drawers a couple months ago. She had better not outgrow the 7s right away.
Tags: daily activities
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