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I want whatever they have


"Egil Juliussen, principal analyst for infotainment and autonomous driver assisted systems at IHS Automotive. Juliussen co-authored the study with IHS Automotive senior ADAS analyst Jeremy Carlson", which is/was available for free to members of the news media (I bet I don't count -- if you have a copy of the report, let me know. Title is: Emerging Technologies: Autonomous Cars—Not If, But When).

I love that you can take a couple of guys who muck about with an already highly optional package in cars which is always at risk of disintermediation by smartphones and/or aftermarket choices, and they can say shit like this:

"Accident rates will plunge to near zero for SDCs, although other cars will crash into SDCs, but as the market share of SDCs on the highway grows, overall accident rates will decline steadily,” Juliussen says."

I'm betting he's too young to have encountered all those jokes about what the world would be like if Microsoft were responsible for flying the planes and so forth. Because that quote right there is like a sort of sick little joke.

"The study also notes some potential barriers to SDC deployment and two major technology risks: software reliability and cyber security. The barriers include implementation of a legal framework for self-driving cars and establishment of government rules and regulations."

Wonder what they said? Given how long the Google Books lawsuit took to finally come to the correct conclusion, and especially given that a lot of lawyers were pretty convinced for a year or two there that the wrong conclusion was going to stand, it is no sure thing that self-driving cars with no human present will _ever_ be allowed out on the road. Seriously, someone needs to explain to me how Homeland Security isn't going to put a ten year road block on this thing? All I have to do to commit mayhem is order up a bunch of cars, load 'em up with something appalling, and then tell them to go park somewhere at the same time and wait for the appalling thing to do its appalling business. There's a really good reason why we don't let baggage on an airplane that isn't associated with a person on that airplane.

So, you know, if the guys who wrote this have something that enables them to forget the horrifying world we live in for long enough to produce a report, I kinda want to know what it is. Because that sounds nice.

ETA: You can apparently all laugh at me in less than 10 years when I will apparently be riding around in one of these myself.


There are real definitional problems. Some people mean no person in the car when they say autonomous. Some people mean person in the car.


And the google taxi idea seems to top out at 25 mph, putting it in neighborhood vehicle regulatory terrain, iirc.

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