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Last Day of the Season

We spent the long weekend (well, R. had to take a day off because he doesn't get Columbus Day off; maybe he'll swap it for his Friday off) at Santa's Village and StoryLand. It's the last weekend of the season for them, and slightly after peak color for that part of New Hampshire. But only slightly -- we got really lucky because leaf season was later this year than typical (well, if global warming = lucky, something you have to be pretty self-centered as a northerner who doesn't live right on the coast to believe).

Today was the first day A. wasn't terrified of Roarasaurus. She'll usually ride it once, occasionally twice, but today she rode it over a dozen times. Short lines, even for the front and she was just in a great mood. I rode it three times and walked through the rest.

I'm a little sad -- it's been fun going up about once a month (we skipped August). R. doesn't care for it but the kids love it and it's fun to not have to wait in lines. I also enjoyed season the changes in the notches from May-October.

Next year, I'm going to drag the kids on some hikes. R. got two long bike rides this season. We'll try to get that for him again next year, but maybe we can set it up so whichever kid refuses to do anything but rides goes with one of us to the park and the other one gets to do a hike nearby. There are a ton of choices.

T. and R. also did the mountain coaster at Attitash. Unclear whether it was worth the $15/per. We stayed at Attitash Mountain Village again. One of the smoke detectors kept chirping and a new battery didn't fix it. Other than that, it was all okay. We ate once at Matty B.'s which was convenient, with good beer and acceptable food.

ETA: We stopped at the Chelmsford [ETAYA: My husband says it is actually in Westford. He is, of course, correct.] 5 Guys on the way home. I would go back again, altho I think I'm ordering the single patty next time and skipping the fries.
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