walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rereading: Kate Pearce _Simply Sinful_

I was going through my kindle library looking for trashy fiction to reread and maybe read more books by the author. I had no recollection of _Simply Sinful_ by Kate Pearce. For the first chapter, I was thinking maybe I'd never even read it. And then I was like, oh, yeah, I remember this now.

This is one in a series (I don't think it's the first one, either, altho I could be wrong). I think it's a Regency. I _know_ it's an MMF triad, and there is a lot of sex, some of which is more believable than others. I tend to dislike triad novels which essentially serve as a mechanism for one member of the triad to move from one dyad to another. I'm also not a huge fan of the Really Awful Sexual Abuse History that causes people to Behave Badly to people they care about. Hint: those are all present here. Meh. The sex is, overall, pretty awesomely well-written. Hopefully I will not decide to reread this. I am going to continue avoiding the rest of the series as well.
Tags: book review

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