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Anne Stuart, _Black Ice_

Anne Stuart in general and the Ice series in particular are known for antiheroes. These aren't just asshole alphas. They don't have any friends, they are criminals and they lie pretty much constantly to everyone. You might ask why I would read a book like that and the answer is pretty straightforward: Anne Stuart is a really good writer. I was rereading a bunch of Lori Foster and having the inevitable "wait, which body part is where?" questions that always seem to crop up in Lori Foster books ("but she's shorter than him -- how does that make any sense?" is a question I often find myself asking). These are not questions that arise when reading an Anne Stuart novel. Stuart is so good at getting the mechanics of descriptions of who is doing what where when and how that if her antihero asserts he could in fact have sex in a Porsche, the reader wonders whether he is lying or not (of course he's lying. (a) He lies all the time and (b) it's a Porsche. But she gets you for that crucial minute while you think it through. She's _good_.).

I had two major failures of suspension of disbelief (the sex-in-a-Porsche thing doesn't count because it didn't happen and the guy lies like always). (1) The magic healing stuff, maybe called liquid platinum and (2) the magic drugs that knock you out and when you wake up you are immediately alert, no hangover even if you would ordinarily have had one.

I wish these things existed, but they don't. Such a bummer! (Yeah, I know about a bunch of martial arts goo to help with bruises. It's not that great.)

I had an ongoing problem with the cartel: it just isn't that easy to dispose of bodies, and even if this crowd was mostly people undercover for various government run operations, I'm pretty sure unrelated law enforcement would tend to run across them pretty often. I just didn't really believe that they could get away with what they took for granted.

I also had a problem with why Bastien didn't kill Hakim sooner. He was supposed to, and that would have solved a lot of problems.

Other than that, it is a well-told story and suspenseful. Hopefully I will not suffer a further impulse to read books in this series.
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