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Wind power + hydro, getting steady base power out of two or more renewables

It's weird hydro: two reservoirs connected by a pipe. They pump up when the wind blows; they let the water fall to create power when the wind dies.


No more stinky diesel generators! No more diesel ships! They're going to try to get all the cars electrics in the next few years.

R. sent me this. We have discussed various ways to store renewable power that doesn't involve "batteries" in the AA or laptop or wtf sense.

He sent me this earlier; storing compressed air in salt caverns and releasing it to generate power.


There are seismic implications with filling/emptying a water reservoir on a large scale (the Spanish Island doesn't look like it's that large scale). I have no idea if compressed air stored underground could generate similar or other unexpected problems. I wondered if you could just set up a ratchet and pully system and move weights (solid, not liquid) up and down (hey, it's all about potential energy being converted into electrical energy, amirite?). There are a million other possibilities (run the desalinization plan when you have spare power; power it down when you don't -- lather, rinse, repeat for other industrial processes. Instead of negawatts, time shifted watts. Don't store electricity -- use it when ya got it and then wait until you do again).
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