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T. has been excited about cul de sacs. Lately, that has manifested in the form of, let's go down to Hennessy, which has a secondary cul de sac, St. James, off of it. Which is fine. Sometimes, like today, we go to Dunkin Donuts after. He's usually on the scooter and I'm either walking or on the bike. There was an acid green 2014 Kia Soul in the parking lot, so we looked that up on my phone trying to understand what had changed in this model year to make it look so cool (answer: a lot. Apparently the ride is a lot less painful, too).

In the middle of this discussion, someone at the next table over asked if I was from around here as a prelude for asking for directions to Kimball Farm. They _had_ a route, and they had feature phones (they were probably 15-25 years older than me) so no great ability to double check the route along the way. I was happy to refer to the phone, because I don't go to Kimball Farm very often. I came up with three routes, but they wanted a route that involved "225", which confused me, because I kept thinking Lexington. Of course, 225 does go out much further West, including approaching Kimball Farm. Their route involved this: continue on 27 to 225, then 225 to 110.

Which is nucking futs. There are three routes offered up by the goog, including get on 2 then 495 then off right at 110; get on 2, exit almost immediately and take Newtown Rd/Goldsmith to 110; and finally, stay on 27 to 119 and then turn on 110. R. would probably take the middle option; I would probably take the third option. If someone were from out of town, I'd probably send them on the first option.

The route they had would easily take another 5 minutes, albeit they would be scenic. R. has probably dragged us all along that route on at least one occasion because I'm sure he has bicycled it.

Back when I worked at the Aurora Village Cinemas on 205th Ave N/236 Ave SW (aka, King Co/Snohomish Co line), people would stop all the time and ask for directions to either the Aurora Cinemas (which was south on 130th N, IIRC) or the Lynn 4 (which was north). Alas, people had a really hard time comprehending the numbering change that occurred on the county line, so when I told them they had to go _north_ to get to the Lynn 4 (which had a lower numbered cross street -- I think 196th SW), they argued with me. Which exasperated me, especially if they went next door to the arcade and believed the tall, skinny, somewhat scary guy who worked there and told them the same thing (I'm sure he meant well, but he'd get bored on slow nights and when I was working box office, I was apparently pretty irresistible as a form of amusement. Blonde, teenage girl with a white shirt, bow tie, black pants and conservative makeup is apparently all it takes in the Pacific Northwest in the mid 1980s. The attention I got was a little creepy.).

Anyway. As I was explaining how to get to Kimball Farms to these women, I flashed back to those exasperating interactions. I remembered one in particular, where a woman came back 20 minutes or so later and yelled at me about how she couldn't find the Lynn 4. I asked her which way she went and she pointed south. I said, well, I told you to go north, and she said, but that doesn't make any sense! I think I just went and got my manager. I had _already_ explained about the county line. Twice. This time, the women were determined to take a route that involved 225. I said they really should get directions from someone else and got me and T. out of there.

Want to know why there are so many smartphones out there? Because we're all sick of having this kind of interaction. It is almost impossible to know when you are interacting with an idiot when it comes to directions, but most of the time, google will get you relatively close to your destination.

ETA: R. wonders if they were trying to go to the other Kimball Farm, in Carlisle, which is actually on 225. But then why did they bring 110 into it? I have no idea what happened. I'm glad I bounced them.

Also, why would you go to the Carlisle one at lunchtime? Presumably they were planning on having food, not just ice cream.
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