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A Few More Remarks About Wait! Where are you going? Account Management

I had this really great idea. I thought, hey, we're renting cars out of state. We should probably make sure we have our insurance information with us handy, you know, in case something awful happens. I figured I'd find the paper, take a picture, whatever.

Then I thought, oh, hey, maybe it's online. Sure enough, it is. That's cool. I even had the account credentials in LastPass, even tho my husband manages that particular account. So I logged in to see what was available, oh, geez. They have a new URL and they want a new password that meets certain criterion and new security questions oh, brother. Okay. So I did that, I even told R. what the changes were (yeah, guess I'm managing that account now), made sure LastPass picked them all up and then noted the Policy number in the notes field in LastPass.

One down.

I've been having so much fun on the conservation walks here in town that I signed up for another round this winter through Acton Recreation (the current batch is the same guy, but run through Community Ed). I tried the Comm Ed credentials at Acton Rec, but no go. It thought I had an account, but I didn't know a thing about it, so I password reset and then realized that they set the account up when I bought (using paper) a NARA card last summer. Oooh, that means I can correct all the mistranscriptions in our names! Keen. So I spent some time fixing names and birth dates and so forth, and then signed up for and paid for the class. I could also sign up for Tai Chi through this (at the traditional kung fu operation at Nagog), but I am not quite ready to do that yet.

Meanwhile, Spotify has finally, cheerfully complied with my request to have my email removed from their system. They have sent _another_ how did we do request. I'm debating whether I feel like responding. Someone tried to sign up at Kik with the same email, and Kik HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT PEOPLE DO IT LIKE KIK didn't just roundtrip the email to make sure the user has access to the email they supply. They give an option: click on this if you _did not_ sign up for us.

Yay, Kik! Everyone do like them. "Just ignore" is really not as good as this, as it doesn't disambiguate between lost-in-spam-folder vs. typed-the-wrong-email-and-haven't-noticed-yet. Plus! Not pissing off people who aren't customers (yet).

Finally, a while back I signed up with the package-recipient focused UPS and FedEx stuff. The apps are nice and being able to set vacation holds for packages is Teh Awesome. A good friend of my husband's was on the owie end of a scam in which someone else signs up for one of those services in your name and then redirects stuff to themselves -- apparently including I Lost All My Credit Cards Please Send New Ones. Eeeek. As R. noted, by having those accounts set up and under our control, we have protected another avenue of identity theft that we hadn't ever even thought of.

See? It really was only a few.
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