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Spotify: one of the worst offenders in account management

I was foolish enough to sign up with gmail early on using firstname.lastname as my username. Other people have the same firstname and lastname and some of them sign up for services on the web using my gmail address. I unsubscribe from _a lot_ of stuff. Sometimes I wind up having to take over an account in order to get account related emails to turn off.

Spotify has turned out to be remarkably horrible! I sent them email asking them to shut it down.

"Hi. I started getting email from spotify. So I did a password reset to access the account. Now I am asking you to remove the account. Thank you."

They replied with this:


Thank you kindly for getting in touch about this.

I'm sorry to hear you want to remove your account. I'll be able to help you with this, I'll just need to confirm a few details first. Could you please get back to me with;

1) Your date of birth
2) Your Postal/ZIP code

I'll look out for your reply! :)

Kind regards,


So, a service I didn't ever sign up for makes it impossible to unsubscribe from their emails without taking over the account (or at least I couldn't figure out a way to do that). So I took over the account, asked them to shut it down, and they want my DOB and zip in order to shut it down.

No, thank you. I did actually reply to them explaining in more detail -- since they didn't understand the first email -- what I had done and why, and that I didn't care whether they shut the account down or just scrubbed the email from it, but I wanted at least one of those things to happen.

Oh, and then they asked me to answer a survey regarding their customer service (which I filled out).

Hi, Spotify!

You are loathsome. Change your account set up process to round trip the email address to make sure the person setting up the account isn't making a mistake (or intentionally spamming someone, which I do not believe occurred in this case).

To re-iterate: spotify wasn't one of the worst for allowing this to happen. But their customer service process after allowing this to happen _is_. Also, as is always the case with a two-tier online service, never, ever, ever pay any attention to the free account number. Because that thing is a farce.

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