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A Few Words about Child Abuse

And I would like to be clear here. If it involves blood, a hospital visit and/or damage to genitals, it is not corporal punishment or discipline or anything like that. It is child abuse.

There is a fairly high profile case right now involving an athlete. As a result of publicity associated with his reinstatement with his team after being indicted for child abuse, his charitable foundation -- which is named after a nickname his father gave him -- has gone on "hiatus" and taken down the pages which refer to the non-profit partners because people have been calling the non-profit partners and asking them painful questions.

The Internet Wayback Machine tells us that several of these non-profit partners are directed at reducing domestic abuse (Cornerstone Minneapolis, The Texas Council on Family Violence), but there are also organizations listed like Special Olympics, Feed the Children, Toys for Tots, Make a Wish and similar. There are a few human trafficking foundations (including DNA, the Demi and Ashton foundation).

Here is one of the more interesting selections:

The Symphonic Love foundation: http://symphoniclovefoundation.org/

The Symphonic Love foundation is Chris Brown's charitable foundation.

Obviously, there are a whole lot of things that one could comment on, but I'm going to start with one. Out of 18 listed partners on the old About Us page, 5 have within the name either the athlete's name, or the initials of his nickname. 2 (DNA and Symphonic Love) are other celebrity foundations, which means another layer between the money and the target recipient. 1 is or was a Rosemount, MN special education school -- not sure what that's about, but it would be interesting to find out. There's sort of a grab bag of big feel good operations, a few domestic violence groups, and some Houston connected charities.

The mix of charities that people set up or choose say _something_ about them. It would be interesting to know what domestic violence operations in general think about physically disciplining children (one assumes they deplore child abuse) -- seems like something worth asking about in general, not just because this particular offender gave money to one. But more importantly, I worry a whole lot about people who really involve their own name over and over and over again in their charitable activities.

Matthew 6:3, dude. Seriously.

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