walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Dishwasher woes

For a long while now, our Bosch dishwasher (which is not particularly old -- newer than the house), has been giving us E 24 codes intermittently. We clean out the filter (which is never particularly dirty) and try a couple more times and it usually works. But then it started giving us an E 24 every single time.

This is not a perfect dishwasher. It goes through rinse aid at an appalling rate. Possibly related to that, there is sometimes mystery film on the dishes. Sometimes the soap dispenser gets stuck and doesn't open properly.

But this Just Doesn't Run thing is infuriating. R. has a trick -- open it up during points in the cycle where it is testing the pump -- and that will get it running and once running, it runs fine and drains completely. This is _not_ a clog.

The very nice man from Hunter Appliance has been out three times. On the first visit, he established that we had accurately described that it was not a clog. On the second visit, he had a replacement control board. That did not fix the problem. He called Bosch; they suggested there was a sensor in the pump and that the pump should be replaced. The machine ran correctly twice after visit number 3 (which was _yesterday_), and is now back to its wicked E 24 ways. Because we recognize that it could be a clog, we did that whole drill again, then resorted to the usual trick.

My fury, at this point, is pretty epic. If it were Just The Dishwasher, I might or might not be that annoyed, but there have been other things (my favorite dog just died -- neighbor's dog, but I've been buying that dog treats for years now. I loved him and he is gone; there was a Mental Health Event in the extended family recently, fortunately non-fatal; my son's transportation to and from school has been amazingly sketchy, culminating in what is normally a 25 minute ride home becoming over an hour and a half and causing two temper tantrums over a missed play therapy appointment), and I'm feeling like I'm in straw-camel's-back mode.

Google says (and the appliance guy's call to Bosch as well) that we are not the only people to experience this problem with Bosch dishwashers. Obvs, I will be calling the lovely people at Hunter Appliance again tomorrow and hoping that they will have something helpful to say. I'm this close to buying a new dishwasher, but what the hell am I supposed to pick? Bosch has some of the highest reliability out there and I got what appears to be a lemon.

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