walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

What to do, what to do: people using my email address to sign up for accounts

Long, long ago, gmail was in beta. A friend of mine somehow got signed up when it was invite only, and I asked him to add me, but I didn't use the account for very long because I have a different primary email address and because I was an idiot and signed up for firstname.lastname@gmail.com, I got a lot of spam AND account information for stuff other people signed up for. A while back, I made it a Project (in the GTD sense) to unsubscribe from everything, which helped, but it has been an ongoing task to unsubscribe from new things. Along the way, I have learned a lot about how various companies set up accounts and I Am Not Impressed. Many, many services that I would expect to know better (Match.com, I mean you) do not roundtrip email addresses before letting people sign up for them (also disqus). The latest discovery along these lines is Spotify.

Seriously. Spotify does not round trip emails.

Well, Insert Expletives Here. Disqus had the nerve to suggest I just roundtrip the password reset and take over the account. And then I can decide whether to nuke it or keep it around as a placeholder. In the Spotify case, I took it over and have requested customer service to get rid of it (partly out of curiosity -- it took a while to convince Dropbox to disconnect the email, and I want to know if it is easier to convince a service to disconnect before or after I've commandeered the account).

None of these accounts (because I caught them early on) have any interesting information attached to them (other emails, phone numbers, physical addresses, etc.). I'm sort of waiting for that to happen.
Tags: our future economy today

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