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Yet another trip to North Conway

We are back from a brief trip to North Conway. We went up on Friday and stayed 2 nights at Red Jacket Mountain View. We got a townhome so we had a kitchen and a ton of space but no laundry in the unit (I think there is some elsewhere in the hotel -- I didn't check for such a short stay). This resort has an indoor water park. We stayed here a few years back, but A. was so freaked out by the noise that she spent almost no time in the water park on the previous visit (she was very young).

This time around, she spent some time in the kiddie pool with the short slides, but most of the time in the "basketball pool", which has a bunch of nets and balls. It connects to the wave pool, so when the wave pool is making waves, the basketball area has a ton of chop, but not as much as the wave pool itself.

T. spent most of his time on the big slides.

We got there before the water park closed Friday evening and played for an hour, and then we went back Saturday afternoon. R. and A. went again Sunday morning before we checked out, altho only A. actually got in the water that time.

We went to Storyland on Saturday. We went to Santa's Village on Sunday and then drove home. T. is currently eating a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches at Subway, so we went there on the drive up and the drive back, and T. and R. had dinner there Saturday. A. and I split chicken fingers from Champney's on Saturday (would not have been my first choice, but I am the adult so it was definitely my responsibility).

It was cold! It rained Saturday, but Sunday was colder, just in general and then in Jefferson, because it is a bit further north. I wound up buying A. and I hats, because our brimmed caps were not good enough. We have short hair cuts and our heads were cold. I also bought us mittens (fingerless for me), and her another sweatshirt to get her enough layers to stay warm. T. was fine; he actually wore his hoodie the whole day, zipped up, which is about as much a concession to the cold as he ever makes.

The rafts at Storyland and the waterpark at Santa's Village were closed (duh). Other than that, there were essentially no lines (very short line on Roar-a-saurus, and when we had lunch at the Oasis on Saturday, I had to wait maybe 10 minutes in line, which all things considered is a minor miracle). They were a little short staffed at both places, but it didn't effectively matter at all.

I'm really glad that T. asked to go back to "the white house". I don't know that I would have, because A. hated the noise so much on our earlier visit, and we also had some trouble with allergies in the townhome until we figured out it was an air filter that needed to be replaced. Neither was an issue this time; I'm sure will have a good time there again on future visits.

ETA: The kids like to get ride photos, which include keychain photos and snowflake ornaments etc. A month or so back, I dug out the accumulated drift of them (from years of visits to North Conway, some from Hershey and even one from Efteling) and started hanging them on the wall near my computer. As soon as I did, the kids started claiming some of the pile for their own rooms. Today, T. wanted to have his collection put up on the wall _before he went to bed_. You know, I am really impressed with myself if we completely unload the van and get to bed at a reasonable hour. We unpacked, did laundry, uploaded some digital ride photos, got the trash out, unloaded the dishwasher ... and got the ornaments up on the wall. R. also spent some time turning A.'s convertible toddler bed into the chair configuration. This is setting entirely too high a standard. We will never be this efficient again.
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