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Daily Activities Include: Lists

This morning, I apparently thought the appliance guy was coming in the morning (like on Monday), so I arranged to walk at 2 p.m. Ooops. Appliance guy actually came in the afternoon. Also, it was my son's half day. It all worked out.

Because I thought I couldn't leave the house to run errands, I worked through stuff on my to do list (in between playing ipad games, because, me). I realized that estimated taxes were due on Monday and also book group. So I did the payments and I read the book. Weirdly productive. I also finally got my email inbox back under 100 messages (ah, it was so great months or maybe a year ago when I had it all the way empty. *sigh*). In the course of poking through email messages that I really ought to read but often don't (turns out if you are a company I do business with and you ask for my feedback, I'll blow you off about half the time), I ran across the Autism Consortium and got one of the tickets for it. I read a bunch of crap that I get in the paper mail that I sort of care about, and then threw it away. I made a salad, cooked the brussel sprouts, handwashed the dishes before the appliance guy got there. Good thing; he actually had to pull the whole thing out, so bad things can happen under those circumstances.

This was the second visit on the dishwasher and it still isn't fixed. Turns out it really was what R. thought it was: a malfunctioning sensor. But the sensor is buried in the pump NOT on the control card. Ah well. Hopefully it will work after next Monday's visit.

It really was one of those days where it is hard to figure out exactly what I did, and none of it can be considered high priority. But the permanent to do list has a lot less on it, and it is a lot more organized.
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