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2nd visit to SACC, departing while continually screaming

But it's better than it sounds.

Everyone was once again very welcoming. Today was the first day of Sunday School and they had ice cream sundaes. Pretty awesome! T. was very happy to go downstairs and was okay when I checked at the end of the sermon. Alas, I should have pulled him out at that point. It turned out he wanted more singing and he didn't get more so he was mad. I think they may have wore him out a little talking about rules, too; hard to say for sure. He's so good about about being compliant that people who are not familiar with autism and/or with him in particular have no idea that they are running the tank dry over something that actually doesn't matter at all. I am not saying the rules didn't matter -- just that they were real focused on getting him to sign the piece of paper, and based on what I saw on that paper, it was not worth the effort they were putting into it (and getting him to sign the paper wasn't going to improve compliance with the rules or understanding of them, at least not for him).

I said we didn't ever have to go back, but that didn't help at all. He wanted to go back, he just wanted to be mad right then about missing the rest of the singing. Ah, well. Live and learn. He also wanted a do-over on the service, but that wasn't an option because I had no service after this one to go to next; this was the later service.

The reading was Matthew 18:15-20, nice and short. This is a verse used as a weapon by JWs. It is part of the hierarchy, part of the disciplinary approach and part of the justification for disfellowshipping. I hadn't given it a lot of thought lately, beyond thinking about it when some issues cropped up during Occupy Wall Street. There were efforts to handle criminal sexual assault within the group and discourage victims from going to the police. When I read about that, I started ranting about this text and Mennonites and JWs and the long, sordid list of other groups which have used this kind of idea as a way to not resort to the secular justice system. People think they are doing good things for the group, but the group's supposed interests are put in direct opposition to justice for those who have been damaged by members of the group. That shit ain't right.

But what the pastor did with it here was wonderful. It was used as a way to advocate for direct communication involving interpersonal issues, and (when the interpersonal issues stop well short of criminal acts) is really a very different text when thought of that way. She positioned it within the context of the body of believers being all about relationships and love, and of course I _really_ believe in direct communication in that context. Nice sermon; very enjoyable.

Rally Sunday included junior choir before the kiddies went downstairs, and regular choir throughout. There were almost twice as many people in the pews as on our previous visit.

Not sure what our next church visit will be. I don't think we'll be able to go next Sunday, because of other commitments. I'll have to see what our choices are for the following Sunday. Given the singing issue, I'm pretty sure I want to aim for a multi-generational service.

ETA: Looks like our parish UU church will be doing a dedication Children's Service on the new connector building in 2 weeks at 9 a.m. Music! Helping make squares for a quilt. What could be better! I think I have identified where were are going next.
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