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Are there LGBT friendly Baptists? Yes!


Not in my town, alas, so I won't be checking out the American Baptist church in West Acton, altho there are some very nice people who go there.

I think we are going to SACC tomorrow. Littleton isn't starting their RE program yet. SACC has Rally Sunday AND they are kicking off Sunday school with ice cream sundaes. Mmmmm. That seems like an easy choice.

I think RE is starting over in our UU Parish church, and we could conceivably do both, since they have 9 and 11 a.m. services, and SACC is doing 10:30 this Sunday. But I doubt I will because I'm still coughing a lot, so I think we'll stick to the walkable/bikeable one for right now.

R. asked what the church is over by the town green. Turns out it is the other Congregational church in town -- and it is not ONA. We won't be visiting them.

ETA: The SACC service we attended recently included a brief mention of someone over at St Matthews, because a person in the congregation had attended a wedding there of a family member or friend. I was surprised at the warmth and love in the rev's voice when she referred to St. Matthews (Methodist), but I finally overcame my knee-jerk yeah-that's-not-gonna-happen to take a look at their website.


Which includes this, linked prominently on the front page.


I have no good reason to attend a Methodist church, but I sure like that.

Oh, seriously, I may actually have to go at some point.


"when we have Communion, we offer it to everybody—no restrictions on age, church membership, or even belief. It’s Jesus’s presence, and he never held that back from anybody."

Nice people!

"You’ll get a piece of bread (gluten, dairy, & soy free); dip it in the cup of grape juice. Enjoy."

ETA: Aha! The Methodist welcoming association is the Reconciling Ministries Network, and St. Matthews is a member. Good to know!
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