walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Surface Pro review update

Well, I'm a little obsessed right at the moment by some UBS Q-series reports on EV, solar and stationary batteries that I stumbled across while surfing the web. The kids were enjoying jumping on trampolines at open gym. Anyway. I was about to start posting link fu, and thought, Self, you should use the Surface. I never use the Surface. It has a beautiful screen and a fabulous keyboard and yet, I apparently hate it. Why? I thought I should give it another go.

Well, it was _very_ asleep. So that was disturbing. When it came up, it had low memory, which made no sense. I hadn't used it in forever, so clearly somebody is leaking. I quit firefox, and then it told me there was no network connection. Really? For why? Then it wanted to do a system update.

I'm waiting for that to finish and experiencing significant dissatisfaction. It has rebooted and made loud fan noises, and now claims to be "Getting ready". Yeah, I've heard that before. I'm back on the Chrome, but honestly, the memory of getting totally screwed by a loose board that caused all kinds of secondary symptoms on the Macbook Air has faded enough that I might be willing to start carrying it around with me again. Also, I have all these lovely bags that it fits in beautifully.

Post reboot, it is still trying to install a system update. But you know, all I wanted to do was fix the lack of a network. And I have to wonder if that lack of a network is causing it some problems with the install . . .

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