walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_The Hot Zone_, Jayne Castle

This is a fictional entry in Castle/Krentz' long running Harmony series, the third in the Rainshow series within the Harmony series, and Harmony itself is part of the Arcane books. So, basically, don't start here.

What it has going for it: dust bunnies in Halloween costume, collecting hoards of candy and then sharing them with more dust bunnies.

What is unfortunately somewhat weak: the romance between and the characters of Cyrus Jones and Sedona Snow are not strong. And the many generations on connections between the Jones clan and the descendants of Arizona Snow are not enough to make it interesting.

On the other hand, I _did_ read this on vacation while I was so tired I couldn't sleep immediately (never a good thing!), so it's possible I would have had more positive feelings about it if I weren't quite so tired. If you're looking for a Castle/Krentz' novel set in the San Juans, you'd probably be better off with one of her earlier efforts, but if you really want the Harmony version of the San Juans with forays into the green (and this time, blue!) caverns left by the Aliens', well, enjoy!
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction, sf
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