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August at the Mouse: Yak and Yeti, AKL Kidani

We only had one sit-down meal on this trip, but given we were only there for 3 days/2 nights, honestly, that was more than enough. We had a great meal, separately, at Yak and Yeti probably in November 2011, and have been wanting to get back there ever since. R. had since eaten at the quick service part of it. I figured we'd just want to sleep after we were done at the pool at the end of each day, so I didn't attempt an evening meal, just one lunch, on the theory that we'd be indoors and air-conditioned, and that part worked out great.

The food -- as we both recalled -- is good, but would be better if it wasn't quite so salty (we think just a little too much soy sauce, but aren't sure). He had the crispy salmon; I got the chicken lo mein, since I'm pretty sure that's what I enjoyed last time and it's a pretty atypical thing for me to eat.

I got one kids meal because the kids insisted they weren't going to eat. They complained nonstop. T. didn't want to be there at all, and A. hated the smell (she doesn't like smelling anything in the onion family, or brassica either, for that matter). This did not stop them from plowing through most of the kids' meal between the two of them, nor did it in any way inhibit them from eating a ton of fortune cookies. I bribed them with cokes and the promise of an ice cream sundae. I probably will not try to go back with them until A. is over the smell thing (or until I can legitimately let her go do her own thing while I have a nice lunch, whichever comes first). It's still a really great little place to quiet down, cool down and enjoy a good meal with a drink.

We have only stayed at BLT until this trip. Animal Kingdom Lodge is pretty inconvenient as on property options go: bus or car, and distant from everything but Animal Kingdom (and that's not even all that close). Once you figure out how the elevators work (and where the back entry to Samawati Springs Pool is), it's pretty awesome, altho it might make sense to ask for a room near the lobby if you can get it.

The animals are fabulous! You really do get to see giraffes and ankole cattle and elands and a bunch of other types of antelope and birds and all kinds of stuff from the windows. We had a standard view, but on all those walks to and from the lobby (we were down by the Pumbaa elevator), I never once failed to see something. It is indeed like living in the zoo; one wonders what the animals think of us humans. We didn't do the night vision goggle thing; maybe on a future trip.

The furniture is comfortable. The master bathroom is cavernous. Everything worked fine. And it is hella cheaper on points than most of the other DVC options, so think about it if you are trying to stretch your membership. The only restaurant (other than the pool side bar, Maji) on site is Sanaa, which is table service; I believe you can get room service options from them which would probably be worth trying (we didn't). Everything else is over at Jambo House which we never set foot in so I can't speak to that. The shopping options are limited but there are some groceries (including 4 adorable tiny gluten free, dairy free, vegan, kosher, etc. babycakes in a little plastic container), and obvs you can order in pizza or get a grocery order (we did).
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