walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

still waiting on the net meter

I realized it had been most of a month since my last call to Nstar, during which I unexpectedly talked to an engineer trying to figure out why they haven't been out to put up the net meter and turn on our panels. We both talked to Solarcity (I set up a ticket) and Solarcity resubmitted the paperwork and then ... more nothing happening.

So I thought, hey, he was nice last time. I'll just try calling him again. He didn't answer this morning, but did answer this afternoon and he continues to be such a sweetie to talk to on the phone. Definitely an engineer, not a customer service person. He looked around, agreed that all was now in order and said it should get done in the next week. He also volunteered they've been swamped, so I asked a few questions. Indeed, we are all signing up for solar panels at the same time and asking to be connected and they are not staffed to handle the workflow. And they probably _won't_ be staffed to handle the workflow for a while yet. Yowza. I said I'd call back if nothing happened in three weeks. He said better make that one, which sounds definitely like this is one of those highly informal workflows where squeaking speeds things up.

On my to do list, with a date, a phone number and the utility assigned id number.
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