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I Got Rid of My CDs

CDs are not great for archival purposes. If you look around, you'll see that people are starting to get kinda worried about this. They are less stable in a variety of ways than vinyl. Ironic, I know.

You have some choices when it comes to moving your stack of discs to the cloud. Just about every place you can buy music has some sort of subscription with a free tier solution for ripping, recognizing and lockering your existing music. I use iTunes Match. But I could have gone with Amazon Music, or Google Play; pick whatever makes sense in terms of where you buy most of your music.

I just basically set up an assembly line and had a swim lane for ripping discs. I didn't care too much about how many I did at a time or on a day; just whenever I didn't have something else going, I'd sit down and rip stuff. And eventually, it was all done. Shortly thereafter, I turned the boxes of discs over to my sister to do with whatever she felt like doing.

Because I use iTunes Match, and because I have iOS/Mac everything, I can now listen to my music anywhere. Also, because my kids share my account, I don't have to buy separate music for them. I wish that the Pioneer music system in my car handled multiple bluetooth connections better, but if it is acting up, I can always just plug the phone in and go through the iPod interface instead (altho then the handsfree doesn't work . . .).

I bought nice headphones (I like Sennheiser, so I have a good pair for at home, and I have noise canceling ones for travel, and a neckband style for when I go for a walk alone). It's pretty painless. When I am sick of what I already own, I just go to the iTunes store and buy something. There is a free song every week there, and if you have a Starbucks account, they will message you an iTunes store code for a different free song every week. Should I probably sign up for Spotify, like you almost certainly have? Sure! Maybe someday.

I even bought an Airplay speaker, altho I don't use it very much right now, probably because the kids are at home a lot in the summer. When I do use it, the sound quality makes me very happy.

In the meantime, I can buy a couple Alan Jackson albums when I am in the mood and hit repeat artist and just listen to that until I am sick of it, which is basically the way I've always preferred to listen to music. I am an AOR girl, and that seems unlikely to change, altho the AO part has become more important than the R part over time.
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