walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Alas, the Calendar is Still a Problem

I would love to say that I have been as successful in terminating my paper calendar use as I have been my paper address book and my paper notes. But I have not. I think the major issue is a display problem, but I don't know.

I tried using google calendar, but I got screwed with events that I was just trying to look at getting modified and I couldn't figure out why. It terrified me. I eventually resorted to Apple's Calendar, and hooked it up to some other calendars, the birthdays in the address book, etc. R. is connected so when I actually remember to put travel dates, appointments and so forth into the calendar, he is informed and things work better. But when I am on the phone working out when and where and so forth, I resort to my space pen and the paper calendar on the wall.

ETA: This is especially sad because my Dutch instructor and I both are fully iOS/Apple/Mac people, and we keep thinking we should coordinate the lesson through Calendar. And yet we don't. No reason. We just don't.

Sorry. You're going to have to go somewhere else for wisdom. I think if Apple had the Android feature of letting you make your calendar visible on the lock screen, I might finally tip over into using it all the time. But I don't know. Android fans should be thinking neener neener neener right now, because y'all have definitely earned it.
Tags: organization
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