walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Community ed

I frequently look through community ed catalogs, despite only very rarely finding anything I want to take, and even then, the schedule never seems to work out for me.

Today, one of those absolutely rare events occurred, making all those minutes spent searching for an interesting class suddenly seem worth while. The guy in town you have to get permission from if you want to take a tree down or otherwise change things within wet boundaries also produces a really awesome booklet with drawings of plants and so forth in the arboretum and other conservation areas. And starting in September, for five weeks, on a day of the week and at a time of day that is completely compatible with my schedule, he's leading nature walks in the conservation areas.


I'm a little bummed that A. has a holiday on the second outing. If I can't find a sitter, maybe I'll drag her along.
Tags: daily activities

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