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New Travel Charging Setup

I've been through many, many iterations of organizing chargers for travel. We've got a fairly small (altho still heavy) power strip/surge protector. We have all kinds of cords, obvs. I've bought various small, nylon containers for keeping stuff in one place and not all tangled up. The results have been variable and I am forced to constantly adapt to replacement gadgetry. This likely sounds familiar to you.

For the first time since my second kid (possibly since my first kid, but I'm less sure of that) was born, I'm contemplating getting on a plane without checking a bag, which means the incentive to lightweight has really returned to my life -- it was in abeyance because extra heads give extra baggage allowance and rolling bags and luggage carts mean I can actually get away with bringing more luggage. But if it's all going on my back, things change.

There have been a bunch of components to this (and so far, I'm only attempting this for a short, warm season trip so I don't have to deal with clothing bulk), one of which involved the chargers. As I was looking for a full set of spare charging cords and bases, so I wouldn't _forget_ to bring the chargers (I also seem to forget something), it occurred to me I could fix this with product. Because, you know, gadget budget = more money than sense.

Short lightning cords (white in the picture):


5 port charging base:


3 cords, of which I only needed 2 so not quite as economical as it would be if I needed all 3:


And a picture (the stray lightning connector would attach to the phone that I used to take the picture):

New travel charging setup
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