walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: 2 meals out in one day, the mall, kid freaks about missing booster

I booked the kids a half day day camp for this morning. Of course, that means everything immediately starts getting weird. One kid peed in the bed in the morning and pooped in pants in the evening then had the runs the next morning, which imodium fixed. The other kid starts howling whenever wiped but NOT while peeing, so no reason to believe UTI. I suspect a microtear because that has happened before. In any event, they both went to camp, where I promptly totally forgot to pay but did remember to drop off the immunization paperwork. I had a lovely breakfast out with my friend A., stopped in Littleton to drop off some stuff for consignment (yay for putting it in the trunk the day before, for one item and a few days before for the other!), then returned to the gym to pay. Then off to the mall to meet the kids and their sitter for a genius bar appointment (long story, but I've figured out why people won't go to the genius bar when I tell them to: they never have so they don't know how. So I just booked it for her and made her come along. I'm good with the social pressure thing and she seemed grateful). Alas, at the mall, one of the kids decided to go with me but I forgot to get the booster seat. We lunched at Rainforest Cafe (how can my kid stand this place? It is massively overstimulating. I think my husband would have a heart attack in there), then tried to exit the mall, but the kid saw Build-a-Bear. $65 (after $10 rewards card -- how is it that other people get two bears and accessories out of what we wind up spending on a single bear? Of course ours seem to always be licensed product, which may explain it. Also, I tend to pick out additional accessories, because I'm a pusher that way) later, we were in Macy's on the second floor trying to take the escalator down. I had hoped to exchange some stuff but between the kid flipping out about the escalator and me needing to pee, we just left instead.

And then things got bad. Where's my binky? Where's my car seat? Sitter never called back from the message a couple hours earlier, so I wound up yelling at my kid and then there's crying and binky! Seat! So we call the sitter, arrange to meet in Concord, and we wait there watching my other kid's cell phone via Find My Friends. While the sitter was there, I got to run to the bathroom (whew!) and then we finally went home, solidly 2+ hours later than I had originally planned and NOT having run one of the errands. So, win some, lose some. I'll probably go back alone tomorrow.

In good news, the kid _really_ wants to keep using her booster seat. She's also really good about letting us know when we have forgotten to belt her in.
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