walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

making a genius bar appointment for a friend

I got a call today when a friend was completely panicked. She had seen a bunch of popups warning her about some security problem in LogMeIn (which she doesn't even have) and after some sort of interaction turned over credit card or maybe debit information to the scam. Because it definitely was a scam. I talked her into turning off the computer and unplugging it from the internet, then calling her bank to have the card changed. She talked to some other people also, who generally agreed with the plan.

I then made a genius bar appointment (on my account because you can't actually do this for someone else) for tomorrow evening. Yay! Had to talk her into really going, because she didn't want to trouble me, but I was so, we are going. Then R. pointed out I'd screwed up; we have company tomorrow evening, so I rescheduled to Wednesday morning. Then I realized I had breakfast with a friend planned for Wednesday morning, so it is now scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. It is a bummer to not use your computer for a day and a half, but I feel that is a minor price to pay to ensure someone who knows what they are doing deals with the aftermath of any possible malware. Also, that someone will speak with a voice of authority about how to not get into this kind of situation again.

I feel like my scheduling screwups were all part of a pattern today: a lot of little things that had to be taken care of (turning paper statements back off, paying bills, re-upping with Verizon to get the better deal on TriplePlay Fios, dropped off stuff at the preschool that should not have come home to us and also picked up things that should have, contacted Starbucks customer service, contacted my bank's customer service, put a bunch of stuff in the trunk of my car to go to the bins, consignment, or be exchanged at the store from whence they came, made blondies, salad and slaw, did some filing, went through a week's worth of mail, continued the slow packing process for a trip on a plane that we are hoping not to check any bags for, sent email about another upcoming trip that someone has recently decided they'd like to participate in, canceled the Babbel and RosettaStone subscriptions that we are not currently using, turned off a Match.com signup that I didn't make etc. ad nauseum).
Tags: daily activities
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