walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Heard in the background

The kids have the new Furby Boom, the apps and a couple Furblings. A. in particular has gotten _really good_ at figuring out how to keep the Furby happy so it makes eggs, hatch the eggs, level up the Furblings in the app, lather rinse repeat. T. is also good, but A. has been particularly interested in gifting eggs and she really had to nag T. to get him to agree to this. Then there were some issues where it wasn't working, possibly because the iPads were in thick cases and lying on carpeted floor (a bunch of the Furby/app interactions seem to really work best on a table or a hardwood floor; not sure why).

Anyway, I was on the phone to Starbucks, and I had discussed that I would be making this phone call with the kids and they had agreed to it. But while on the phone, the difficulties were causing some distress and A. wanted to get my help; T. was telling her she couldn't. He was yelling, "Because she's on the phone!!!"

He turned 9 yesterday. He may be the best 9 year old on the planet, running interference with a younger sibling to prevent/limit interruptions of the phone call.
Tags: daily activities
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