walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Update on the SBUX thing

So I posted about an ordering problem at Starbucks here in Acton, yesterday.


I was prepared to accept some of the blame. However, I should not have. I very, very rarely decide consciously not to tip and I did that yesterday and I'm really glad I didn't tip. The order-taker tripped so hard over "single tall soy mocha no whip" that the person making the coffee had to double check to not give me whip. The order-taker asserted that the size of the beverage determined the number of shots so I didn't need to specify.

The order taker was wrong to remove the specification, because there is currently confusion at Starbucks about how many shots go into a drink.


Notice the comments thread goes into this calendar year, and there is extensive, variable experience as to how many shots per beverage.

Also, if I did indeed get two shots, that might help explain why I was awake until after 1 a.m. this morning. 1 shot at 3 p.m. may keep me awake; 2 definitely will.

I'll update this later after I contact customer service.

ETA: Customer service, as always, was lovely. They made sure they got the correct store, they confirmed that it is two shots in a tall, so I _need_ to specify single to get what I want, and they gave me $10 on my card. I also thanked them for adding the kids' temperature hot chocolate, which saves us all kinds of grief and which they were happy to learn is appreciated. They thanked me for letting them know what had happened so they could identify a need to do a little training, which is exactly why I called in the first place. So, SBUX still a good company, just stuck with a tight labor market here in Metrowest and thus hiring young people who haven't got it all figured out yet like us oldsters.
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