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Back from a week at the Cape

The updates have been minimal because I really dislike posting while on vacation (for a whole lot of reasons, at least some of which should be fairly obvious).

We had a good time. As usual, we went with my sister's family and my mother-in-law. This time, R.B. also came along -- she hasn't joined us since our very first week at the Cape when we stayed at Red Jacket in South Yarmouth. I hope a good time was had by everyone; I know we had a nice time.

Next year, T. wants to go camping, so we'll be trying Cape Cod Campresort's "glamping" cabins and renting an RV to house the group for the week. We'll get to mess around in boats, but we won't be on an inlet, so it's a tradeoff. The house we've rented the last three years in East Falmouth is really lovely, but the owners are trying to sell it and I just don't want the headache of worrying about what-if-they-do.

We had dinner our at C Salt Wine Bar and Grille (R. and I). It was fabulous! Make a reservation. Ours was for 5 p.m. on a Wednesday and I felt like a fool making it, but I'm sure glad I did because it was packed with a line out the door as soon as it opened. Their wine list has good splits so you can go as a couple and not feel like you have to drink a whole bottle or stick to by-the-glass. The tuna tartare was really excellent.

There were outings to the playground, the mall, my sister's family went to Woods Hole (twice), my husband, his mother and T. went out to the bike trail a couple times, we all went for walks and bike rides around the neighborhood and of course we went down to the beach almost every day (right in front of the house, which we're gonna miss I'm sure). As is to be expected, there was an hour plus delay getting over the Bourne bridge, but the return trip was fast. We toured the chips factory (mildly amusing) and went to the coast guard museum (sort of a bust). We mostly ate at the house, but did takeout from Oysters Too, which we do once every year and love, altho if you ate there frequently I'm sure you'd have a heart attack in short order.
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