walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Magic Breaks_, Ilona Andrews

Spoilers! Run, or Roland (not my husband) will Get You!!!!!

The team which writes under the name Ilona Andrews takes pains in the introduction to reassure the reader that this is Not the end of the series; there will be more Kate Daniels/universe books. There is also a short story after the end of the novel, starring Julie.

This is book 7? in the main series (there is at least one related novel, _Gunmetal Magic_, and short stories and similar). Kate started out teasing the Beast Lord and by now they are married and running the Pack. They revisit a variety of earlier places/events in this outing, which, in conjunction with finally Meeting Dad, could really make you think that this was a series wrap up. I had started to wonder, honestly, between the serious obnoxiousness of the Pack, and the stuff used to paint Roland (not my husband) as Evil (which didn't seem especially worse than what a lot of other characters did on their own, without getting painted as Evil), if maybe we'd be seeing some rehabilitation of Roland at some point. He can't be made Not Scary, obvs, but maybe his side of the story would be listened to at some point. The authors did a good job: Kate did her level best to avoid meeting him, failed, got out as quickly as could honorably be accomplished, and then when Dad came to see her in Atlanta, responded with as much integrity as possible, always acting in a way that aligned with her stated values (and doing what the witches told her to do, Stop Roland from Claiming Atlanta).

And then cookies.

Heh, heh, heh.

Hibla gets what was coming to her, and there are cookies at the end. Good book. When Ghastek/Matthew asks Kate if she got the immortality thing, she asks him, "You're alive, aren't you?", which is fantastic, and makes me want to reread the whole series to see if she's just yanking his chain, or she actually has been hiding even more powers than I realized through the whole series. The new sword is cool, too.
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