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The Downhill Slide

Two big parties, one on each coast, a few days having a very active honeymoon (sure, that way, but also we kayaked, bicycled, walked and I'll get into the details later. The G-rated details.) later, I have no motivation for anything but lying around the house reading novels. Fortunately, since I haven't had much time for reading lately, there's a backlog of nifty stuff out in paperback. Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rachel Caine are the highlights, but there's even a Stevermer in hardback, and I've found a Lori Foster series I really like. I broke down and read another Melanie Jackson, and decided I might try a third. Sucker for punishment, I guess, at least where the written word is concerned.

Things went well. I've had this theory for a while that if there isn't some sort of disaster at one's wedding, then the read disaster was the wedding. The designated disaster was the internal communication fuckup at the caterer (the detailed seating chart did not make it to the event, so there weren't enough place settings or chairs at the tables. They were on site, so it got fixed, many thanks to Roland's sister Alicia for handling the details so we didn't have to). There was a separate, multi-week problem that I'll get into in more detail when I figure out how to lock posts.

All that's left now is sorting through mail and presents, paying bills that have accumulated, writing thank you notes, handing keys to the condo over to my new tenant (sniff. My new friend from here is moving to there. At least I know we'll be staying in touch. :-). Then on to the next project. Yikes.
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