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In Which I Take the Boy to Church and then Dig Up Books about Internal Styles

This past week, T. asked to go to church. I thought about trying to find out who brought church up, because it was probably someone at school, and then Having Words with them, but then I thought, hey, let's just roll with this. So T. and I assessed the Concord and Acton/Stow UU churches for this Sunday and decided we'd try our own parish which had a Tai Chi service. I mean, seriously: how cool is that? I get to restart martial arts AND go to a UU service AND satisfy my kid's curiosity about what this whole church thing is, in one compact hour, traveling a very small number of miles.

We had a great time. We knew a couple people there from preschool pickup/dropoff. The service was pleasant and T. was very patient. And now I had some energy to think about finding a teacher out here, which I have meant to do for ... years and ... haven't.

I eliminated one possibility, because whenever reviews of a dojo emphasize how tight the "family" there is, it makes me nervous. This is because I am on the autism spectrum.

I eliminated another possibility, because the woman instructor there does great outreach ... that involves references to fitness boot camps. While my sister-in-law luuuurrrrves them, I Do Not. Actually, that is an understatement. I have great injury paranoia and boot camps trigger it. BJJ instructors who do boot camps make me tremendously avoidant.

Which left me with a scattering of hard styles, a couple of kenpo shops (tempting only when I am at my most mindlessly aggressive, which I honestly try to avoid) and a very traditional operation which, if it weren't _so_ traditional kung fu, I would go for in a heartbeat. I probably will give them a try, because they sound like the right kind of people with the right kind of attitude and a very good pedagogical style. In the meantime, I got out a bunch of books I haven't looked at in a long while. I started with _The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong_, which I apparently bought in August 1999 from Amazon.com (about eleven months after I left and right around the time I started wing chun do). The first part of the book is motivational: Tai Chi is great and will fix Everything!!! This has better support in reality than a lot of things, but the tone and lengthiness of the rah rah is a little exhausting. Part 2 is about why you need a class, how to find a compatible instructor, what to expect from a class. Around about chapter 9, in part 2, he's (Bill Douglas) talking about the Dan Tien:

"Now tighten your sphincter muscles, as if you were pulling up your internal organs from within, and then immediately relax. Repeat this over and over, until you experience a subtle tugging sensation inside, just beyond where your fingers are pointing in to your upper pelvis or lower abdomen."

I don't really know anything about Dan Tien, but that sounds a lot like a kegel to me.


So then I googled Dan Tien kegel. You should give this a try. It Is Hilarious. If it were just tantric sex websites, it wouldn't be that funny. It's the combination of tantric sex websites with post-pregnancy advice, with advice for postmenopausal women. I mean, that is _excellent_. And it gives a whole new meaning to the martial arts jargon "internal style".

Excuse me while I giggle helplessly for a while. It's been a really great day.

ETA: Oh, meant to say that I debated for several minutes (a long while for me) what to wear to church and discarded the skirt as too JW and the shorts as inadequately respectful. I went in capris. Every woman there was wearing capris. When we arrived, there were a half dozen cars there. Three of them (including mine) were Honda Fits. I _so_ picked a good church for us to go to.

ETAYA: This particular one that showed up on that google search is spectacularly awesome. I've never had this problem, but I think I know people who did/do, and it really sucks because it tends to get dismissed.

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