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Because the news has just gotten so unutterably weird, I have taken to watching movies.

Quantum of Solace and Skyfall: These movies taught me that I really actually _enjoy_ watching certain leading men suffer. Snark actually doesn't do it for me. I want the kind of suffering that is a man just marking time with absolute minimum expenditure of energy, to save it all for what he's gonna do to you Later. I will miss Judi Dench, altho the whole Mommy thing was a little boring in Skyfall. I bought both through iOS, partly out of absent mindedness.

I re-watched Wolverine Origins, rented thru Amazon, because I could not remember if I had actually seen it already (I had). Also, Jackman. I'm looking forward to more Jackman in my immediate future.

I watched the first part of Hansel and Gretel (thru the bit where the guy that Famke lets live turns up in the bar and then explodes messily). I Have Problems. How are those two brother and sister and really close in age when young --- but the actors playing them are like 15 years apart? Maybe I am confused. I do like Jeremy Renner, and Gemma Arterton (sp?) is quite fantastic, too. But it really is a funny, action-y horror movie and I'm not so sure I'm really up for the gore. We'll see. Free to me because I have Amazon Prime.

I got the first episode of _Continuum_, _Arrow_ and _Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D_, I watched them not in that order, but I thought of them in approximately that order of initial quality (ascending). However, it's entirely possible that over time I'll be either completely appalled or more impressed by _Continuum_, because it looks like that show has epic plot complexity, and I sort of don't anticipate that much complexity out of the other two (altho you never know). Amazon Instant Video.

I've been watching the Amazon Instant Video by streaming them on my iPad and then using Apple TV to put that on the TV. As I've been doing this, I keep thinking I ought to be able to do this a little more directly through one of the Blu-Ray players or Tivos, but I'm having a little trouble navigating the interface and it annoys me especially when it comes to Prime stuff.

I also watched a couple episodes of Key and Peele (free to me through Prime). Meh. I really wanted to like it, but I'm probably not the target audience for skit comedy. I feel like they really drag each one out a little too long to be funny -- and I tend to feel this way about skit comedy in general.

And I watched _World's End_. Which was weird. Really, really, really weird. Even weirder than _Hot Fuzz_ (I haven't been able to watch _Shaun of the Dead_). These things start out funny, and then take a left turn into seriously dark; I need to remind myself to maybe not go there with them.
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