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Google Islamic religious opinion on whether one should wear a watch on the right arm or the left.

I mention this, because which arm to wear a watch on used to be a ridiculous way to start an argument; turns out you still can in some communities, and, just like with kosher rules and everything else, it isn't the obvious thing (the whole left hand is the dirty hand). There's at least one strain of thinking that says wear it on the right to differentiate from, well, everyone else? I don't understand the term used.

I mention this because R. and I were watching TRMS, which inevitably showed part of the al-Baghdadi video. We spent a bunch of time rewinding to try to figure out why he was walking funny. I initially chalked it up to some sort of pretentious slow walk (like a stutter step for bridesmaids at a wedding), but then we noticed that his left hand was weird: immobilized and hanging part of the time, and parked on his torso, Napoleon style, part of the time. R. saw his thumb move, so we don't think full paralysis like from a stroke. Between the conspicuously weird walk, the abrupt sit down then stand up later, and the oddity of the left hand, well, we wondered what it all meant. Meanwhile, Maddow was drawing attention to the possibly expensive watch (after covering earlier embarrassment for the Russian orthodox head-of-church on a related issue). And then I realized, hey, that watch is on the wrong hand. I first concluded (because my first conclusion is wrong. A lot.) that he was a lefty (ha ha! Try being left handed and hard core Muslim. Don't think that's going to go well), and then I thought maybe further evidence of the severity of the injuries on his left side.

And then I went, I wonder if there's some rules about which hand to wear a watch on. And sure enough, there were.

Text-based religions are _so_ predictable.

ETA: I found at least one forum loaded with a bunch of debate about whether men wear watches on their right and women on the left or vice versa. Because sure enough, they can't bring themselves to look around and go, duh. It's not gender based. Same forum brought up whether wearing it on one side or the other made one "gay" (and, obvs, in an insulting way). There are days when I feel like Bill Maher is completely reasonable, and reading stuff like this tends to put me in that headspace.
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