walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Data retention of license plate reads: two sides


Unsurprisingly, the ACLU doesn't want this kind of stuff collected and if it is collected, it doesn't want it associated with personal information and regardless, it wants it all flushed in a timely fashion.

Here's the other side, maker of license plate read products and their natural consumers, people who feel a need for security cameras and the police they call when there is a problem:


Me, I used to be Poor and read a lot of old paperbacks that I bought for Cheap at used bookstores. For a while (hey, I was quite young at the time), I went on a Perry Mason binge (yes, that series and those movies started with books). And I always thought it was a hoot that the hot PI guy could just sort of look through the window of a car and get the name and address of the owner off the posted registration.

We change our rules over time.
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