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Boycott Eden Organics

I never thought I'd ever say that or write that with a straight face, but I am. I was, until today, unaware of the Eden Organics lawsuit against HHS. I am now aware of the Eden Organics lawsuit against HHS and I have read Eden Organics explanation of why they are doing it and it only makes me hate them more.

Before I read their press release, I was prepared to believe their position had been misrepresented. It has not been misrepresented. Eden Organics does believe that they have the right to influence their employees' access to the full range of medical services provided legally in our society, by limiting what their health benefits cover. And I believe that this makes them a shitty company.

Does Eden do good things like genetically test the food they buy so they know it is what they represent it to be? Yes, they do. Do they set the standard for Know Your Grower practices? Yes. Do they make convenience products such as canned beans, prepared tomato sauce and similar that are low in sodium and only contain ingredients that are Real Food Not Weird Things from a Vat in New Jersey? Yes. Did they make sure their can liners were bpa free, before it was Cool? Yes, they did.

I don't care. These are important things. They are important things to me. But in my moral universe, a woman's right to choose, and a woman's right to access the health care she decides is appropriate for her trump absolutely everything else. A world in which a woman's right to choose when she reproduces is the key to every sustainability initiative, because individual women making individual choices in as uncompromised a fashion as possible is what will enable us to "right size" the human species going forward. A woman's right to choose when she reproduces is the key to a healthy population, because mothers who choose when they are mothers are in the best position to make good lifetime choices for their children, particularly in the all important first year of life.

Eden Organics thinks that they know better. I do not agree. And so while my pantry is filled with Eden Organics products, and I have for many years bought from them, and encouraged other people to do so as well, I will not be buying from them again until I hear that they have changed this policy.

The free market is a wonderful thing. Because we have a free market, I can buy bags of organic grain from small producers, or from Bob's Red Mill (so if you find out that Bob's is up to no good, don't hesitate to let me know, because I'd hate to be an unwitting hypocrite, boycotting one company and switching my business to another who was Just the Same). I can buy organic beans the same way. Conveniently for me, I had already switched from Eden's NSA tomato sauce to Trader Joe's, so hey, that'll be easy.

Everyone has a right to their religious beliefs. What happens to them as a result of exercising those religious beliefs (imprisonment or execution, in the case of sacrificing employees to the god Cthulu, for example, or being the butt of endless jokes for door-to-door evangelizing, in the case of JWs and LDS) is the result of policy compromises by the larger society. Let's show Eden Organics what it's like to only have customers who share their religious beliefs.
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