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We're Back! from Santa's Village and Storyland

We drove up to Santa's Village on Friday. After about five hours in the park, we decided we had had all the fun, or at least, all of it that we needed that day, and drove down to the North Conway Residence Inn. We spent two nights there, two days at Storyland. They had our Season's Passes (which we bought Memorial Day weekend, but they weren't able to print them then) ready at the door. We bought a lot of ride photos; Storyland still isn't doing digital ones for sale, but we bought the thumb drive at Santa's Village. Santa's Village has an app and wifi throughout the park, which is good because cell phone coverage there is spotty. Storyland's new computer system is ... new. Perhaps they will add wifi and an app later? We wonder if they had to upgrade because of XP; R. says the new system is Win7.

The kids were good on the ride there and back. No one got sick. We tried a new restaurant (Hillbilly Southern something or other; it was good -- the applewood smoke was for real, even).

I noticed on this trip that the territorial view from the top of Roar-a-saurus is excellent. A. asked to go on it both days, more than once; last month she was done after one round. A. wanted to look at all the little story forest stuff this time -- I appear to have missed on Efteling by exactly a year, because I bet she'd get a kick out of that part of Efteling this year. Last year, the story stuff was a complete bust. We'll have to try again in a future year. T. finished the Elfebet game at Santa's Village and was very excited about it.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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