walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

It's Summer!!! Aka, News Silly Season

I have this entry in my calendar that says STOP WATCHING TV NEWS. It's there, because for several years, I kept watching TRMS, the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and some Bloomberg, etc., through the summer. I'd focus on it a bit more, even, because other TV shows were on hiatus. And the effects were BAAAADDDD.

I figured out that two things happen around the middle to end of June, but are in full swing by July 4th weekend. (1) Boring, bourgie family types are suddenly a lot more busy. As annoying as the regular school schedule is, it's more or less consistent for 9 ish months of the year. The summer schedule is tricky -- day camps, sleep away, baby sitters, goddess only knows, it gets patched together every year and every year it comes unglued somewhere. So the boring, bourgie types in the NEWS are as distracted as all the other upright citizens. (2) Boring and bourgie or not, a lot of people go on vacation this time of year. These two things add up to (3) the work that still needs to be done is now being done by people with less seniority, less experience, less family life (and the stability both required to get family life going and the stability life that families require to function ongoing).

Which is to say, a bunch of newbies, young'uns and all around idiots are in charge. I have a terrible temper. The combination is awful. So I have this entry in my calendar that says STOP WATCHING TV NEWS.

I haven't decided whether I should give up on internet news and blogs for the summer as well. But if you start seeing exclusively book reviews and updates on my family life over the next few weeks/until mid-September, this may be part of why.
Tags: administrivia
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