walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Pointer to Relevant EU Competition Policy


I have to say, Hovenkamp really provided a great base for which to understand this stuff.

Backing up a level:


On this list, the only one which would obviously apply to Amazon vis a vis Bonnier is abuse of a dominant position.

The abuse list has three categories: tying, charging too much, and predatory pricing. Amazon isn't doing any of those things in its dispute with Bonnier.

Just as virtually all of US case law involves abusive sellers (monopoly), apparently this is also true of European law. And just as the major accusations against Amazon in the US involve Amazon being a bully towards its suppliers (monopsony), apparently this is also true of European law.

Honestly, I will be surprised if the German publishers trade organization gets anywhere at all with their complaint. Very, very surprised.
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