walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I read some samples

I tend to download sample chapters and then never read them. I thought I'd break this trend and try reading several. _Mercury Falls_ was too clever, and I didn't care for the depiction of the female protagonist (really, please, no one ever tell me again that no one could quite figure out how all those odd features added up to surprising beauty. I am _so tired of this_). And it wasn't very funny, but seemed to be trying very hard to be. _The Friday Society_ was a romp, but not very well written. It seemed about to get very angsty. _Libriomancer_ was well written and has a great McGuffin. Also, Jim Hines. I may eventually read the book, but it didn't grab me enough to convince me to read it immediately, and I instead spent several hours looking for trashy romance novels.

Reading the sample chapters was, as it always is when I can get myself to do it, a really interesting experience. I appreciate that authors, publishers and retailers make this possible. I've downloaded more; maybe I'll read them in a few days, instead of several months.
Tags: not-a-book-review

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