walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_A Night to Surrender_, Tessa Dare

I went over to Smart Bitches to find some fun fiction. And I am so glad! This is the first entry in a Regency series set in Spindle Cover/Spinster Cove. In a small English coastal town, as the war with Napoleon continues in Spain, a young woman has set out to attract other girls and women who Don't Fit In, and to create a pleasant environment for them to Be Themselves. Her father is an eccentric inventor of weapons. The love interest arrives with a cousin and aide-de-camp (?) in town, with the goal to convince someone to let him go back to the war, despite significant ongoing problems from being shot in the leg.

Several things happen. Rycliff starts a militia. Dad prototypes another cannon. The women attempt to protect their Way of Life from the Men. The Men try to Have Some Fun. Antics ensue. There is a significant Medical Care of the Regency Era Was Awful theme. Oh, and they shoot on Thursdays. I did not believe the having sex in the sea scene. I've done things like this. Between the cold, the salt, and the lack of lube, yeah, no. Fortunately, Tessa Dare is not one of those authors who attempts to produce believable period dialogue. Even more fortunately, she _is_ an author who embeds consent deeply into all the sex scenes. Yay!

The tale takes a Dark Turn towards the end, but there is, obvs, an HEA and it is emotionally satisfying. I intend to read more in this series and probably other series by this author.
Tags: book review, historical romance

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