walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Otherwise Engaged_, Amanda Quick

No paranormal in this entry. The woman protagonist is in her mid 20s with a sister. The former had a compromised reputation event at age 19 (nothing happened, few details given); the latter married a psychotic guy who fortunately died and left her all his money and the house. While in the Caribbean, Our Heroine rescues Our Hero, who has been shot and heroically wants her to deliver a letter for him. Instead, she saves his life and gets him back onto the ship where they continue their journey. Back in London, rumors further compromise her reputation (this time with Our Hero) and as a result, she is targeted by a serial rapist/murderer known as the Bridegroom.

Our Heroine is a globetrotter with a book in the works, a travel guide for ladies. She is deeply concerned that the negative publicity will scupper her efforts to get published. Our Hero shows up and they devise a fake engagement and convince the guy from the Yard to let them help with the investigation. So the foursome (Our Hero, Our Heroine, her sister, and the Inspector/love interest for sis) poke around to identify the perpetrators of the attack on Our Hero (Russian foreign agents trying to get hold of a solar powered cannon, or at least the plans for same) and the identity of the Bridegroom. There's also a disgruntled ex-lover of Our Hero in the background. Everything ties up _very_ neatly. Throughout, Our Heroine deploys her tessen, a Japanese battle fan. This is pretty awesome and highly reminiscent of some of Tamora Pierce's books.

I read a lot of this author under her various names. This isn't a bad entry -- it has a couple of nerds getting together, which is always a good thing. Also, he tells her that sometimes she clanks, which is high realism, given all the stuff she carts around with her, and as a former occasional D&D player, I am all over the clanking.
Tags: book review, historical romance

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