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Another Day, Another Front

I think we're supposed to be setting some records in the next couple of days. In any event, the forecast is for cold, bitter cold, and excessive wind chill. Or something like that. And I think the power to the house was out for an hour or so today, but I was not home, so it did not affect me.

A few days ago, I went to the Mall of New Hampshire and bought Still More Sweaters, a bag for my gym stuff (as the one I had been using, a 5 Euro purchase from last January, had zippers that were persistently separating), a pair of jeans and some socks. I'm a little unhappy about this, as they left the security device on the jeans, so I'll have to go back before I can wear them. However, one of the main reasons I had gone to the mall was to find someone with a good haircut so I could ask them where they had got it. I did in fact find a young woman with a very good haircut, and then I called the salon she recommended and asked for the stylist she recommended (who I think is the owner) and made an appointment. And she did in fact turn out to be good, which just goes to show that malls are good for something.

Afterward, I stopped at the Y, as it was on the way home, and it takes so bloody long to get to anywhere from home that I could not bring myself not to work out, even tho my arms were still very tired from picking at the ice on the driveway. I figured that since it was in the mid-30s today, this was my last chance to get it off for the next few days. Yes, I used tools.

I had intended to phone-it-in, since my goal is just to go 5 days this week, and I figure I can trade duration-and-frequency against intensity and come out at least even if not ahead. From the vantage point of the treadmill, I stopped a young woman who had helped me figure out the weird stepper I'd tried on a previous occasion, and I waved. I did not think she recognized me, but later she came over and used the treadmill next to me and we chatted for a while. I love when this happens. What is impossible when alone is easy if there's someone there willing to chat. And she was a very pleasant person to talk to; I hope to see her again soon, as she apparently works out at about the same time every day, and feels the same way about exercise partners as I do. In any event, I ran at 5 mph or faster for 34 minutes without stopping at all, which I think is a personal best for duration (unimpressive to anyone else, I realize).

I sit here now, comfortably tired, having finished another book and even posted a review, listening to the wind howl around the house and looking forward to a quiet evening at home, possibly watching Galaxyquest, which Roland has not yet seen, or Amelie, which I have not.
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