walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Whining about _The Metropolitan Revolution_

In an effort to stop myself from further commentary on Amazon/Hachette, I'm reading again. I'll probably add to this post. I got the book at the library, because the perpetrators work for Brookings, and they always start out reasonable and wind up somewhere really weird. And along the way, they make strange errors. Here's one:

"Steven Johnson points to fourteenth-century Italian market cities as examples of networked economies: these were the places from which emerged double-entry bookkeeping -- the notion of recording each transaction as a debit or [sic] a credit, which was one of financial accounting's biggest innovations."

I know, picking on someone who said "or" when "and" is meant is one of those annoying stickler things, and if I were confident that every reader would know that "and" was meant, I wouldn't say a goddamn thing. Everyone knows how to understand a Bush when it says "nuke-you-lar" and everyone knows that you can get books at the "liberry" if you "aks" nicely. Alas, I lack that confidence.

This complaint is in no way salient to the value of the book in general. I'm just whining. (No don't offer me cheese to go with that. I'm allergic to milk products, and soy cheese is meh.)
Tags: not-a-book-review
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